Superior Headlight Restoration Guaranteed Savings Satisfaction

Headlight RestorationWhy do I need this?
Safety! Accident risks increase drastically from lack of proper vision. Headlights dim and yellow after about three years from Ultraviolet rays oxidation, road contaminates and debris, weather, bugs, bird droppings and car wash chemicals.

What if I think I see OK driving at night?
You don't. Driving with yellowed or clouded headlights is a safety hazard. More than 90% of current auto models are made with plastic headlights and deteriorate after three years.

How much better will I see with clean headlights?
Resurfacing and restoring your headlight lenses can improve your night visibility by as much as 95%.

Is it illegal to have dirty headlights?
Many states mandate clear headlights in their safety inspections and issue fines.

Should I replace or restore my auto headlights?
Restoration costs about one-fourth the cost of buying new ones.
Clean headlights increase your car's resale value and reduce lease turn-in charges.