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Headlight Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need my auto headlights restored?
Safety is the most important reason to restore foggy, yellowed headlights. Modern car headlights are made of porous polycarbonate plastic. They dim and yellow from Ultraviolet rays oxidation, road contaminates and debris, weather, bugs, bird droppings and car wash chemicals.

After about three years the ability to see driving at night legally required distances is dramatically reduced. Driving with yellowed or clouded lenses is a safety hazard. Accident risks increase increase drastically from lack of proper vision. Every responsible driver owes it to himself and loved ones to drive safely at night.

Will I be able to see better driving at night?
Yes. Resurfacing and restoring your headlight lenses can improve your night visibility by as much as 95%. Clear headlights can significantly improve your ability to see the road at night and during bad weather. They also reduce glare from oncoming drivers. Many states include clear headlights as part of their vehicle safety inspection requirements. After restoration you will notice you no longer need to drive nights with your brights on all the time.

How do I know if and when I need my auto headlights?
Headlights turn dark and yellow. It is safe to assume at least 90% of current models made with plastic headlights deteriorate after about three years.

What can I do about yellow dim headlights?
Two choices: replacement or restoration.

Do I buy new headlights or restore the ones I have?
Restoration costs much less than replacement. Usually, it is about one-fourth the cost compared to buying new headlights. Even if you decide to buy new headlights, after about two years, they begin to oxidize again. It is significantly cheaper to restore.

What is the headlight restoration process?
Restoration removes the oxidation by a multi-step micro-sanding process. Then the lens is polished, and finally, a sealant is applied to protect the plastic from further oxidation.

How long does headlight restoration take?
Usually less than 5-6 hours. Most of the time is taken for each coat sealant to dry. Actual time depends on how yellowed and deteriorated the headlights are.

How long do headlights stay clean?
Restored headlights should last up to two years. Headlights exposed to higher than normal amounts of car wash chemicals and UV rays may need to be restored more often. (Two years is about the same period of time when new headlights begin to oxidize.)

Will my headlights look like new?
In most cases, your headlights will look like new. You will be surprised at how your headlights sparkle after they are restored!

Isn't it even cheaper if I do it myself?
Even with time on your hands professionals can assure a longer life and better results.

If I am selling will headlights increase my car's resale value?
Shiny headlights can improve the overall appearance of your vehicle and you can often get a better price for a used vehicle when it looks like new.

Do you Guarantee my auto headlights will look like new?
YES! Our NO RISK GUARANTEE is simple, If we can't restore your yellowed headlights to a clear, like-new condition our service is absolutely FREE

Do you have to remove my foggy headlights in order to fix or restore them?
Absolutely NOT! We do not remove your foggy headlights in order to perform our headlight restoration service. Your cloudy headlights stays on your vehicle at all time. This way it reduces the risk of them getting broken also your headlights stays in its focus position.

Can I order gift certificates for the car of a loved one?
Yes (any coupon or discount)